We asked our board a few questions to understand what motivates them with the Access Africa Project

1.What perspectives and potential do you see in Africa - for Denmark and Danish companies?
Brian Baptista

Africa is still seen as the lost continent by many Danish companies. Their pipelines are typically not filled with sales leads from Africa. Some companies feel that they have “been there and done that” and failed.

However, the Africa of today is a lot different than just 10 years ago. The internet has changed the outlook for many Africans and it has transformed the overall work related skill base and built a larger middle class that is currently driving development.

The purchasing power of this generation is higher than ever and their demands for Danish knowhow, solutions and products is ever increasing. Like in any kind of business, the early bird tends to get the worm.

Fie Hansen-Hoeck

Africa has a booming market which new companies around the world are tapping into every day. Denmark has a lot of opportunities and an unfulfilled export potential for a huge addressable market of growing middle-class consumers demanding products from the food industry.

If we don’t get into the market now we will regret having missed a golden opportunity.

2. Why is it interesting to unite the Danish Business Ecosystem and strengthen the ties between the Danish business community and the African?
Brian Baptista

There is no real obvious place to go to in terms of business in Africa for Danish companies. The multiple organisations and companies working with Africa have different skill-sets and work in multiple different ways.

This makes it difficult to have an overview of knowledge and contacts in Africa. Danish and African companies should have an obvious and independent place to direct them to the right persons and organisations.

Finding the right person is critical and if this does not happen, either the business will never start or it will be unsustainable. Uniting the Danish Business Ecosystem with a champion in form of Access Africa will streamline this process.

Fie Hansen-Hoeck

By connecting African and Danish business communities we bridge to exchange of needed insights, knowledge and relevant networking to build partnerships, save time and prevent expensive failures in future business.

3. How can Danish businesses benefit from better knowledge sharing (know-how) and networking (know-who) when it comes to doing business on the African continent?
Brian Baptista

Like everywhere else in the World, business is conducted between two parties. Finding the right contact is critical on both sides. By sharing experiences with others in a network, it is faster and simpler to find the right contact to work with.

The learning curb for working in Africa can be steep and any learning, experience or contacts will enable companies to minimize the most common problems. Often, the most difficult part of business is getting started. Sharing knowledge with others will get companies faster on the right track.

Fie Hansen-Hoeck

Doing business in Africa is done by the few and yet too complicated for the many. There is a need for a formalized platform offering Danish companies across industries a shortcut to (benefit from) best practice know-how and important know who’s.

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