Danish Impact in Africa

Africa Day Summit 2021

25 May 2021 - CPH

The Danish Impact in Africa - Africa Day Summit is an international business conference focusing exclusively on African markets, investments & opportunities.

What is the Danish Impact in Africa - Africa Day Summit ?

A Collaborative Partnership Conference where the main Danish companies and international stakeholders showcase their activities and measure impact when it comes to doing business in Africa:

The purpose of the conference is to help Danish and African businesses meet other business executives and policy makers, to share knowledge, develop insight and grow your network of partners.

The goal is to be the leading Danish-African international business conference. Bring together influential international leaders and stakeholders to dialogue, to engage, and to share concrete ambitions for new opportunities.

Ideal for small and larger businesses and investors looking for opportunities, policy- makers who want to understand the Danish-African perspective and potential.

The Summit Themes

Energy, Cleantech and Water

Improve access to safer water management. Enhance renewable energy and efficiency.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 8.25 Billion

Food and Agriculture

Increase the supply of affordable, healthy, and environmentally sustainable food.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 10.75 Billion

Construction and Building

More sustainable, affordable, and resilient low resource urban solutions.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 2.2 Billion

Health and Wellbeing

Expand the effective supply of affordable and accessible health care solutions.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 9.5 Billion

The Danish-African Business Association Board

Brian Baptista - Chairman


Brian has 20 years of leadership experience within education (LEGO Education), consultancy (Danaher and Danish Management Group), ICT (Metrocomia), and healthcare (Radiometer Medical). Brian is a specialist in forming international commercial partnerships with private and public institutions all over Africa.

Fie Hansen-Hoeck - Vice Chair


Food Industry & FOOD TECH business advisor and strategist. Experienced leader with broad knowledge of private and public sector in corporate jobs as well as hands-on start-ups, organisations, institutions and markets under constant change. Been dealing with sourcing and business development on the African continent.

Bolette Christensen - Member


Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in Business Federation and Non-Profit organization. Skilled in Strategy, Change Management, Leadership, Innovation and Public Affairs. Bolette has professional experience working in Europe and Africa.

Michael Mathiesen - Member


Experienced Board Member, investor/VC and entrepreneur with more than 400 international, hands on, investments, strategic trade sales and IPO┬┤s. Has worked in Scandinavia, UK, US, Russia, China and Africa. Now mainly focused on building an investment bridge between the Nordics and East- and West Africa.

Bo Koch-Christensen - Secretary General


Bo holds a strong mix of experience within Venture Investments and Global Business Development. He is currently working with Nordic-African growth companies, entrepreneurs and impact investors.Previously he has been working for Novo Nordisk, ABB, FUHU/UM and TechBBQ.

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