Nordic Africa Day Summit

25 May 2021 - CPH

Nordic Africa Day Summit is an international business conference focusing exclusively on African markets, investments & opportunities.

Welcome to our inaugural Nordic Africa Day Summit!

The Danish-African Business Association (DABA), Ambitious Africa and a wealth of other organisations and stakeholders, have joined forces to promote business interests between the Nordic region and the African continent. The theme of this year’s summit will be ‘New Nordics celebrates African Ambition’.

Why ‘New Nordics celebrates African Ambition’?

The Nordic region is renowned worldwide for its high levels of equality, political stability, robust economies and innovative, sustainable societies. There is a collective goal in the New Nordics to share and export solutions that create impact globally.

Africa is the new continent of growth. With the youngest population of any continent — a population that continues to grow — as well as an increasingly open political landscape, it is steadily emerging as a key player in the global economy. African Ambitions seek to transform the narrative of the continent, thus both highlighting and celebrating the growth and momentum towards a more safe and sustainable direction.

The Nordic Africa Day Summit is an opportunity for Nordic companies and international stakeholders to showcase their activities and measure the impact of their business activity in Africa. This event will enable Danish, Nordic and African organisations to liaise with other business executives and policy makers, share knowledge, develop insight and grow their network of partners.

The main topics we will discuss at this year’s summit are:

  • Food & Agriculture
  • Youth, Education & Edtech
  • Water, Wind & Cleantech
  • Culture & Creative
  • Health & Wellbeing (COVID-19)
  • Techvelopment, NGO, Impact (SDG) & Invest

Our goal is for this summit to become a leading Nordic-African international business conference. All of our partners share the same vision in championing business opportunities on the African continent and enabling a more equitable framework for conducting business between our two regions. We are confident that this goal can be achieved by creating a dialogue between influential, international leaders and various stakeholders, as well as engaging with each other and sharing concrete ambitions for new opportunities.

This event is open to all; small businesses, larger organisations, investors looking for a new opportunity, policymakers seeking a more profound understanding of Danish-African potential — if you have an interest in the African business scene, we welcome your input. Please complete the online form below if you wish to attend the inaugural Nordic Africa Day Summit - the deadline for confirming attendance is 20th May.

We hope you will join us to further cooperation between two exciting trade markets.

The Summit Themes

Energy, Cleantech and Water

Improve access to safer water management. Enhance renewable energy and efficiency.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 8.25 Billion

Food and Agriculture

Increase the supply of affordable, healthy, and environmentally sustainable food.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 10.75 Billion

Construction and Building

More sustainable, affordable, and resilient low resource urban solutions.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 2.2 Billion

Health and Wellbeing

Expand the effective supply of affordable and accessible health care solutions.

Alignment with UN SDGs:

SDG Impact:

USD 9.5 Billion

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