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‘Lonely is one’ - Maasai proverb

The Maasai are right - one is pretty lonely. DABA believes that it’s time for a reset when it comes to discussing Africa on the international stage, but such a mammoth task requires a little bit of help. Sure, our board members have a vast understanding of the African business environment, but we thought it would be great if we had a partner to trumpet the good news coming out of Africa.

And then we found them - the ying to our yang, the Sonny to our Cher, the rødgrød to our fløde (we are Danish after all). We found a partner that is also enthusiastic about the developments happening every day in Africa, another like minded group of people who want to change outdated perceptions when it comes to conducting business in Africa, great minds that recognise the untapped potential of this continent. We found Ambitious Africa.

Ambitious Africa was founded in Helsinki during the Spring of 2020, their vision being to be the bridge between the Nordic and African youth who collaboratively build a shared, sustainable future. One year later and with more than 20 countries on board, Denmark is the latest country to become a part of the Ambitious Africa Network.

Whilst it’s easy to be ambitious by name, we are both ambitious by nature. Together we are hosting the Nordic Africa Day Summit in May to bring together members of the Danish and African business communities, but this is just the start. Later this year, representatives from both organisations will attend the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in New York and COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

Combining unparalleled business knowledge, an army of motivated change-makers in both Africa and the Nordic region, industry-shaping contacts, as well as the support of major entrepreneurial players such as startup guru Peter Vesterbacka - we mean business. With one united voice, we’re going to reframe the narrative when it comes to doing business in Africa.

Read more about https://www.ambitious.africa/

The Ambitious DABA that makes it happen: https://www.linkedin.com/company/d-a-b-a/

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